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How does this work?
To search, choose your departure city, dates and number of destinations. By clicking on "More Options" choose your themes and bucket list destinations. Then select your trip, and yes, the price displayed includes all the flights! Feel free to click on dates to edit them. When you click on "Book", you can modify all the flight schedules. Fill in your contact infos and you'll receive your tickets within minutes.
What is our secret
At Skylap, we have a secret ... We love travelling! Travelling is about to enjoy hotels and restaurant, not about spending all your budget on flights. Therefore, our mission is simple : to ensure that your flight tickets are as cheap as possible. A tour of Europe for 80 €? No problem! A trip in the United States for 650 €? We can even find cheaper!
Enjoy your trip!
In addition to being cheaper than Interrail, Skylap allows you to book all your plane tickets for your tour in one time. Our promise: no hidden fees, you only pay the indicated price. A flight cancelled, a delay? We have everything planned! Try to contact us via chat, our team will be happy to answer you. P.S: we love your postcards;)
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